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Information for Domain Holders on the TRANSIT Procedure for .de Domains

TRANSIT is a service of DENIC that ensures that you as the domain holder will not lose your domain if it is no longer administered by a provider. Even if there is no provider, your domain will not be deleted immediately and is not available for registration to anybody else while the TRANSIT procedure is ongoing. DENIC sends the domain holder a letter to inform them that their domain is in the TRANSIT status and explains the steps to be taken.

You as the domain holder decide what is going to happen with your domain. You have the following options:

  1. Provider transfer - You choose to keep the domain, i.e. transfer it to a new provider with the help of the provider transfer password (AuthInfo).
  2. Domain deletion - You choose to definitively give up your position as holder of the domain by submitting a deletion request.
  3. You choose to continue to have the domain administered by DENICdirect by paying the charges for the service. Please be aware that DENICdirect does not provide internet services such as an email account or web space.

Via the web page transit.denic.de , you can directly submit the deletion request or generate your provider transfer password (Authlnfo). Simply log in with your personal TRANSIT password that you have received with the TRANSIT letter we have sent you. You will be guided through the procedure step by step.

The administration of a domain by DENICdirect is a chargeable service. However, we offer an accommodation: You will not have to pay anything to DENIC if you carry out the deletion of the domain or the provider transfer within the time limit given in the TRANSIT letter. In the latter case, please ask your provider about any costs they may charge.

If you do not react within the time period given in the TRANSIT letter and do not pay the fees requested for administration of the domain by DENICdirect, DENIC will terminate the domain contract without notice and delete the domain concerned. The legal basis for this is section 7 of the DENIC Domain Terms and Conditions. So, in order to avoid losing your domain unintentionally, it is important that you react within the time limit given.

For the TRANSIT procedure to work properly, the holder data entered in DENIC‘s database must always be uptodate, since the TRANSIT letter is sent to the address stored there. If the letter cannot be delivered, the procedure will be suspended. A termination without notice of the domain contract will be sent to the domain holder‘s email address stored in the DENIC database and the domain will be deleted. To have your correct address details stored with DENIC, please contact your future provider or contact DENIC directly.

Every domain holder has a contract with DENIC. The basis for this is the contract (denic.de/en/domaintermsandconditions) which your provider concludes with DENIC
on your behalf. Someone wanting to register a domain usually contacts a provider. The provider is the link between you the domain holder and DENIC. The provider takes care of registering the domain and enters the customer as the domain holder in DENIC‘s database.

Further Information:

For further information about the DENIC TRANSIT service, please refer to: denic.de/en/faqs/faqsabouttransit