TRANSIT Service Center

Information about the TRANSIT procedure for .de domains

What does TRANSIT procedure mean?

With TRANSIT, DENIC offers you a service that ensures that you as the domain holder will not lose your domain, if it is no longer administered by a provider. Even if there is no provider for your domain, it will not be deleted for the present and cannot be registered by any other party during the ongoing TRANSIT procedure.

How does my domain end up in TRANSIT?

Your domain lands in TRANSIT, if your provider stops administering it. This happens if the contractual relationship between you and your provider has been terminated – either by you or by your provider. Such termination may be triggered by the cancellation of a website or e-mail service. However, DENIC does not know the details. If you have any questions about the contract termination, please contact your former provider.

What happens to my TRANSIT domain?

You as the owner will decide what is going to happen with your domain. You have two options:

  1. Provider transfer – You want to keep the domain and transfer administration to a provider of your choice using a provider transfer password (AuthInfo).
  2. Domain deletion – You definitively give up your position as holder of the domain.

Via the web page you can directly submit a deletion order or generate a provider transfer password (AuthInfo). Simply log in with your personal TRANSIT password you have received with the attached cover letter. You will be guided step by step through the process.

Will DENIC charge me any fees in relation with the TRANSIT procedure?

No, you do not have to pay any fee to DENIC if you delete your domain or implement a provider transfer within the period defined in the letter. To find out about potential costs charged on the provider's side, please contact your provider.

What will happen if I do not react within the defined period?

If you have missed the deadline, there is no need to worry either. You will not lose your domain, but it is transferred to our DENICdirect service for further administration. From that point in time, however, you will be invoiced the related costs as per the relevant DENIC price list ( Please note, that the DENICdirect service does not include any technical services, like an e-mail account or web space.

Who is DENIC?

DENIC, the German Network Information Center, is the central registry for all domains with the ending .de (e.g. We are organised in form of a cooperative and supported by a large number of German Internet providers. We are responsible for administering all registered .de domains, currently more than 16 million. Moreover, it is our task to make sure that .de domains can be accessed on the Internet at any time. For further information about DENIC see our web site at

Does every domain holder have a contract with DENIC?

Yes! This contract is based on the domain contract ( that the provider has concluded with DENIC in the name of the domain holder. Somebody wanting to register a domain, usually contacts a provider. The provider is the link between you - the domain holder - and DENIC. The provider arranges that a desired domain is allocated to a specific customer and enters this customer in DENIC's database as the domain holder.