WARNING: Fake emails in circulation!

Currently there are emails being circulated, in which domain holders are informed in DENIC’s name, that their domains are being used for spam und the spreading of malware. The holder is then called upon to click on a link to avoid having their domain blocked.
These emails are not from DENIC!
Please do not click on the link in the email! We advise you to delete the email immediately.


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Forms for TRANSIT

If your domain is going through the TRANSIT procedure, you can use the forms below to submit requests to us:

Deleting a Domain Going through the TRANSIT Procedure

Please use this form, if you want your domain to be deleted.

Setting a Provider Transfer Password (AuthInfo) for Domains Going through the TRANSIT Procedure

Please use this form, if you want to transfer the management of your domain to another provider.

To ensure that your password is set correctly, we strongly recommend to fill in this form by computer or typewriter, so that it is easily legible.